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BMX as lifestyle
So to define the beginning of what is a sport. To me he is the constant support of the physical condition of the body...

Benefis of morning run
We will talk about the benefits of jogging in the morning, its rules, the benefits and how to develop the habit of this useful work...

Roupjumping - exteremly jump
Roupjumping - jumping on a static or dynamic climbing ropes, using a complex system of depreciation.

What is mountainbike?

On a similar bike not you will pass on a country road or on the "Tour de France". Mountain bike needs serious obstacles sharp turns, rough terrain, paths, where a lot of dirt. Mountain biking on itself does not tolerate spineless rider, it requires a strong character in his own head a fraction of madness. The head should be covered with a helmet on his hands, which cling tightly to the steering wheel should be gloves and your feet on the pedals frantically grope numerous spikes.

Mauntainbike different frame, which has a robust design, the shape of it in the form of a trapezoid. There are shock absorbers on the front and rear suspensions. Increased ground clearance for greater cross. Inspire awe tire tread his rudeness and thick. There have "mountain horse" disc brakes and shift lever, but there mauntainbike and conventional rim. Note that mauntainbike - not a cheap pleasure. Prices range from 300 to 15 thousand euros. Almost always for professional athletes are financially well off structure, or a whole team of sponsors.

In addition to the qualities and abilities of the athlete in mauntainbike success depends on the availability of quality "horse" with attributes. Different stories in different materials and manufacturing techniques. Also affects discipline in which an athlete performs. There is a mauntainbike set of different types of contests: free ride (free practice), Dirt (performing tricks ski jumping), cross country (go cross country), parallel slalom, and more. Here, for example, the bike for the kind of cross -country weight should be reduced, but in daunhille strength comes to the fore. In order to practice in our country mauntainbike enough courage, large purse and, of course, the park area for practice.