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BMX as lifestyle
So to define the beginning of what is a sport. To me he is the constant support of the physical condition of the body...

Benefis of morning run
We will talk about the benefits of jogging in the morning, its rules, the benefits and how to develop the habit of this useful work...

Roupjumping - exteremly jump
Roupjumping - jumping on a static or dynamic climbing ropes, using a complex system of depreciation.

Tips for begginer snowboarder

If you are new to snowboarding and do not know where to start and how to learn to ride, then you will benefit tips snowboarders.

For starters learn the easiest route, on which you will ride. This will facilitate the development of snowboarding and you will not get lost and leave the more complex part of the slope for you. Usually, the route of different colors on the maps issued by the administration.

Carefully examined with signs that indicate danger, in the form of isolated trees and so on. Symbols are as follows:
1.Danger - to stop and decide what purpose put a sign ;
2.Slow down - to slow down and be careful ;
3.Closed - need to go back.

An important role is played by well-chosen clothes. You will need thermal underwear, which will help avoid hypothermia, as it is carried out through sweat. It is best if linen is made ​​of synthetics such as polyester. Thermal underwear is worn on top of a heater. You can choose the clothes fleece. Try not to wear cotton and woolen garments. They are much worse breathe. The third layer of clothing designed to protect the inner layers of moisture, thus releasing the evaporation from the inside. Shoes newcomer is best to choose a soft and fixing common. In the soft shoe will be more comfortable to walk, and it absorbs better when descending.

Has a special meaning selection Borda or boards, as professionals. It will depend on your physical data and the style in which you ride. However, as long as you can tell it's not exactly necessary to start with your capabilities. Sales consultants will pick up your board on your height and weight. Most likely, you'll need a stiff board, designed for one way trips, as soft boards are more suitable for advanced snowboarders and can be used in freestyle. Do not forget to also buy wrist guards, knee pads and a helmet and mask (goggles). This will avoid the unpleasant consequences of a fall. The first descent is best accomplished by an instructor. It will help to adjust the equipment and teach them to slow down.