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BMX as lifestyle
So to define the beginning of what is a sport. To me he is the constant support of the physical condition of the body...

Benefis of morning run
We will talk about the benefits of jogging in the morning, its rules, the benefits and how to develop the habit of this useful work...

Roupjumping - exteremly jump
Roupjumping - jumping on a static or dynamic climbing ropes, using a complex system of depreciation.

Snowboarding, all you wanted to know

Remembering the old adage, ready to sledge in the summer, I bring to your attention a review article about the various aspects associated with snowboarding, from the definitions and terms, to the selection of ammunition and general advice.

Remember that now end in seasonal discounts, and if you still want to win this winter a couple of hills, it is now necessary to do some shopping, and brush up on the basics.

Snowboard - word for word from English snow slab. However, in this article we will not talk about the translation of various words from English, and about the similar sport.

Snowboarding over two decades of its existence, captured the minds of millions, and it can not be called "cancer epidemic," despite the fact that any boarder on slopes, constantly risking to break its neck, break an arm, etc. Ask "why do it?" And you try! And realize that are already infected. I like a man who fell under the influence of her about five years ago, I want to share with you the experience.

So you've decided to try his hand at snowboarding, but none of his friends and acquaintances is not engaged and you have seen it only in the movies or in the best case in the snowboard video, then read on I will try to explain the key aspects of this complex case, give advice and keep out of trouble choosing the right equipment and at the slope.