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History of skateboarding

The modern skateboarding has a place in the lives of many teenagers all over the world. But the merit of the incredible popularity of skateboarding belongs to American teenagers skateboarding and stars from around the world who have invested a huge amount of effort into the development and popularization of the sport worldwide.

Let's delve into the history of the emergence of skateboarding and the main stages of development.

Skateboarding is the historical homeland of California. In the 50s young craftsmen have attached to a small board similar to a surfboard, wheels. The idea of the original movement means much interested in young people, and they began tinkering with his own skateboards and wheels on them through the streets of the city. The basic idea at the time was steady around the board and successfully drive around all kinds of obstacles. The growing popularity prompted the production of professional skateboarding, and in 1963 the company Makaha was made ​​the first version of professional boards.

Skateboarding was given impetus to the development of an active and great prospects. Numerous events were held, established team of associates, the first magazine Skateboarder, dedicated to skateboarding. Infancy new youth movement, in urban areas demonstrated unique at the time tricks on skateboards: Riding on his hands, to overcome various obstacles as curbs and stairs. There are your stars of skateboarding, which were idols and were role models for American teenagers.

Companies are developing to improve nodes skateboard designed high strength polyurethane wheels that provide a secure grip on the road surface, the most perfected form of the board to improve the stability, high quality bearings are installed.

Due to the high interest of like-minded young people and with the support of government agencies, in 1976 there appeared the first professional indoor playground in Florida, where the young skateboarders to hone their skills and come up with incredible stunts. On the palate there are professional skateboarding stars such as Russ Howell, Bruce Logan, Stacy Peralta, Tom Sins and many others.

Began to appear professional platforms around the world, a lot of magazines, skateboarding grew rapidly and earned enormous popularity around the world, which resulted in a new sport, amazing unique features and incredible tricks skateboarders professionals.