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BMX as lifestyle
So to define the beginning of what is a sport. To me he is the constant support of the physical condition of the body...

Benefis of morning run
We will talk about the benefits of jogging in the morning, its rules, the benefits and how to develop the habit of this useful work...

Roupjumping - exteremly jump
Roupjumping - jumping on a static or dynamic climbing ropes, using a complex system of depreciation.

Care of skateboard

If you decide to buy a skateboard, then hiring the right choice of accessories for skiing. These components have a number of technical differences and are divided into several types, based on various types of terrain and riding styles. Skeytshop offers a wide selection of different components for skating, but everything skateboards contain the following components:

- Dec. Most are made from several layers of wood, primarily from maple. All layers skateboard typically blocked 7 carefully glued then subjected compact. In the end, it turns out deck with necessary bends and elevated front and back, to monitor skate on the move. Decks may have a length from 31 to 33 inches. Performing tricks on a skateboard, you need to be mindful of their safety, and to do before you buy a skate, you need to check the presence of his skin on the upper part of the deck to provide traction for your feet to the board.

- Wheels. Towards the bottom of the deck to be bolted by means of bolts, metal suspension, which are mounted skate wheels. These pendants are used for the implementation of turns on a skateboard. They are amenable to adjustment, allowing you to adjust the skate under the turns with certain speeds and degrees. Most skaters are valued polyurethane wheels, thanks to their durability and good adhesion.

- Bearings. In each wheel skate should be inserted on two bearings by fixing the nuts to the suspension deck. Made between the bearing sleeve provides a uniform load distribution on the skate. Level bearings ranges from ABEC1 to ABEC7.